Our History 2012 KEYU Automobile was established, mainly focused on electric vehicles. In June of the same year, he cooperated with postdoctoral team of construction and machine from Zhejiang University to funded KEYU Zhejiang Special Vehicle Research Institute. 2013 KEYU automobile has identified five major products lines, electric street sweeper vehicle, electric garbage transporting truck, electric washing and cleaning vehicle, small electric cars, electric pickup, etc. 2015 First street vacuum sweeper finished production, which fill up the empty of electric small sweeper in China market, obtains state patent at the same year. Display at Ningbo Environmental Sanitation Exhibition and gain the preferential procurement right of Ningbo Municipal Government. 2016 The 3rd generation of pure electric vacuum sweeper is finished equipped with pressure filter system, brushes system, smart cleaning adjusting system, etc.. 2018 KEYU device new developing position is high level customerized products in three business lines: sanitation vehicles like electric sweeper, electric garbage compressing transporting truck, and other motor tracker customerized vehicles. 2019 KEYU Special Automobile Co., Ltd funded with 90 Million investment, and build a 5000square meter modern processing line at the same time, as a HI-TECH enterprise. Our Factory Through the five core system of PLM,ERP, SCM and MES, the whole process of works equipment, production, personnel, quality, materials and environment can be realized. To achieve the goal of digitized manufacturing process of manufacturing resources, digitized on-site operation, digitized quality control, digitized material control, digitized production schedule visualization, real-time data acquisition, paperless production management and lean production logistics. Our Product The products are classified as follows: Pure electric sanitation vehicles customized for sanitation schemes, convenient special community firefighting vehicles for short distance, and towing or customized vehicles for various industries and landforms. Our Certificate In April 2014, the first negative pressure sanitizer with negative pressure dust filtering system was put out of the production line and put into trial, filling the blank of small pure electric negative pressure sanitizer market in China. The negative pressure dust filtering system has obtained the national patent, which is featured by safety, intelligence, low energy consumption, quiet, long working time and adapting to various road conditions. In 2015, it was unveiled in Ningbo Sanitation Exhibition firstly, and meanwhile listed in Ningbo Municipal Preferential Procurement Directory. Production Equipment Laser cutter , special steel laser cutter,suspension cold riveting machine,CNC bending machine,dual CNC bending machine,CNC steel plate shearer,auto spare parts process machine,auto welding robot,auto electrophoresis line,assemble line. Production Market The company鈥檚 products are sold to dozens of countries including China, the United States, India, Singapore, Maldives, Sweden, Israel, etc. Our Service The Company is committed to becoming the "best preferred pure electric special vehicle manufacturer in the world", which is its strategic aim, with the corporate core culture being customers-based. Upholding the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", the Company vigorously improves its innovation and development capacity, core competitiveness and brand management ability. Adhering to be driven by innovation, center on technology, and take quality as the cornerstone, the Company is dedicated to providing customers with the most cost-effective products, high-quality special vehicle solutions and meticulous after-sales service.EV Electric Automatic Dumping Cargo Truck factory website:http://www.kyvehicles.com/
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EV Electric Automatic Dumping Cargo Truck factory
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