Product description Strong and Light Carbon fiber is very light weight, the strength is steel's 9 times, but weight was about 1/3 of steel! High temperature resistance Our carbon fiber products tubes stand up to high temperatures,170 degrees high temperature curing, which can be used elevated area as high as 200 潞C without deformation. UV resistance Our tubes is use epoxy resin coating designed for outdoor use purpose, it can resistance UV. Corrosion Resistant In normal condition the products, can be used 50years, Now very wide usd in industry, such as the lamp posts, railing, sports equipment and so on, not only for the model parts Carbon fiber tube Carbon fiber tube Product features 1.UV Resistance 2.1mm wall thick ,customized available 3.100% pure carbon fiber 4.Tolerance:+/-0.1 Carbon fiber round tubeCarbon fiber pipe Carbon fiber round tube:(unit:mm) 4*3*100012*10*100018*16*1000 6*4*100012*8*100018*16*1000 8*4*100013*11*100018*15*1000 5*3*100014*12*100019*17*1000 7*5*100014*10*100019*16*1000 8*5*100015*13*1000 6*4*100015*12*1000 8*6*100015*10*1000 9*7*100016*14*1000 10*6*100016*13*1000 10*7*100016*12*1000 10*8*100017*15*1000 Carbon fiber square tube: 3x2x100020x17x1000 4x3x100030x25x1000 5x4x100035x30x1000 6x5x100040x35x1000 8x6.5x100050x45x1000 10x8.5x10008x4x1000 8x6x10008x5x1000 6x4x10003x2x1000 10x8x10004x2.5x1000 4x2x100013x10x1000 5x2x100020x16x1000 5x3x10006x3x1000 6x2x10008x3x1000Carbon Fiber Parts website:
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Carbon Fiber Parts
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