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Drawing Machine


Material Intensity鈮?250Mpa
Drawing Passes2~112~112~112~ 122~ 122~ 122~ 122~ 92~ 9
Max. Dia. Of
Inlet Wire2.8mm3.5mm4.2mm5.0mm5.5mm6.5mm8mm10mm12.7mm
Min. Dia. Of
Max. Speed
Drawing Power7.5~18.5 kw11~22 kw11~30 kw15~37 kw22~45 kw22~55 kw30~75 kw45~90 kw55~110 kw
Accessory Equipment
NameModelRange of Dia.
Discharging Machine
Pointing MachineF-966.5-2.0mm
Pointing MachineF-803.5-1.0mm
Butt-Welding MachineUN-108.0-2.0mm
Butt-Welding MachineUN-36.5-2.0mm
Butt-Welding MachineUN-13.5-1.0mm
Automatic Discharging MachineXB-600capacity 800kg
Automatic Discharging MachineXB-360capacity 400kg
I Type Spool Reeling MachineSG-800capacity 800kg
I Type Spool Reeling MachineSG-630capacity 500kg
Descaling MachineSW650
Motorless Descaling Machinewith steel brush
Well Type FurnaceRJ-90-9
Advantage of our LZ series wire drawing machine
The reel adopts narrow-slot water cooling, and the drawing die adopts direct water cooling; the cooling effect is good; it adopts a powerful narrow V-belt and a plane double-envelope worm gear pair transmission, high transmission efficiency, low noise; adopts a fully enclosed protection system, Good safety; air tension tuning, smooth drawing; AC frequency conversion control technology (or DC programmable control system), screen display, high degree of automation, convenient operation, and high-quality drawing products.
Our Company
How to maintain the mold of the high speed wire drawing machine?
Wear of wire drawing machine is encountered due to frequent use. If we want to extend its service life, then we need to take some measures for maintenance.
What we need to pay special attention to is the maintenance of the mold of the high-speed wire drawing machine. This is because, compared with general equipment, high-speed wire drawing machines are faster, so they are more prone to wear. The mold wall will always strongly collide with different wire rolls, so there will be more severe wear in the long run. Under normal circumstances, a small dent is often formed where the material enters. This will have a certain negative impact on our production operations.
Once the ring groove of the wire drawing die is found, it is necessary to take measures to correct it in time to prevent the loss from increasing, which will eventually lead to the complete collapse of the die.
Therefore, as a user, if you want to prevent such problems, you need to draw up a set of feasible daily maintenance standards and carefully follow them according to the operating conditions of high-speed wire drawing machine. During the operation, if the die is found to be worn, it should be stopped to use and polished, so that the mold can meet the use requirements.Drawing Machine


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