Description锛?/strong> The guided wave radar diesel level meter adopts the electromagnetic wave pulse measurement method, the working frequency is 26GHZ, the beam energy is low, and it can be installed in various metal and non-metal containers or pipelines to continuously measure the level of liquid, slurry and particulate materials. The radar level gauge is not harmful to the human body and the environment, and it is not affected by the specific gravity of the medium, not affected by the change of the dielectric constant, and does not require on-site calibration. It is not for industrial needs or economical to customers. It is a good choice to consider. Application The Guided wave radar diesel level meter suitable for petrochemical industry: such as (oil extraction plant) crude oil, slop oil, sludge, sewage (oil field) sedimentation tank, sewage tank, drilling mud tank (liquefied gas station), liquefied natural gas, condensate (oil storage, biodiesel plant) Gasoline, diesel, tar, waste oil (compound fertilizer plant) urea melt, ammonia (chemical plant) various chemical products, high temperature and high pressure, highly corrosive hydrochloric acid, toxic product liquid chlorine, crystalline product phthalic anhydride, the company's There are complete solutions. Main Features 鈽?Easy installation, easy maintenance. 鈽?Low failure rate, high precision and high reliability. 鈽?A shorter wavelength, the reflection of solid surface inclination is better. 鈽?Beam angle is small, the energy is concentrated, can enhance the ability of echo and to avoid interference. 鈽?High signal-to-noise ratio, the level fluctuation state can obtain better performance. Specification ItemsSpecifications Application锛?/p>Solid material, Strong dust easy to crystallize, condensation occasion. Measuring Range锛?/p>80 meters Process Connection锛?/p>Universal Flange Medium Temperature锛?/p>-40鈩?~ 250鈩?/p> Process Pressure锛?/p>-0.1~0.3MPa Accuracy锛?/p>卤 15mm Protection Grade锛?/p>IP67 Frequency Range锛?/p>26GHz Signal Output锛?/p>4... 20mA/HART (Two-wire / Four) RS485/ Modbus Explosion-proof Grade锛?/p>Exia 鈪 T6 Ga Exd [ia] 鈪 T6 Gb License P Standard (Non-explosion-proof) I Intrinsically safe (Exia IIC T6 Ga) G Intrinsically safe type, Flameproof (Exd [ia] IIC T6 Gb) Process Connection / Material G Thread G1陆鈥矨 Stainless Steel 304 N Thread 1陆鈥?NPT Stainless Steel 304 B Flange DN80 / Stainless Steel 304 C Flange DN100 / Stainless Steel 304 D Flange DN125 / Stainless Steel 304 E Flange DN150 / Stainless Steel 304 F Flange DN200 / Stainless Steel 304 H Flange DN250 / Stainless Steel 304 M Flange DN80 / Cardan joint K Flange DN100 / Cardan joint T Flange DN125 / Cardan joint Z Flange DN150 / Cardan joint W Flange DN200 / Cardan joint V Flange DN250 / Cardan joint Y Special custom Antenna Type / Material B Horn Antenna 桅196mm / Stainless Steel 316L C Horn Antenna 桅242mm / Stainless Steel 316L Seal Up / Process Temperature V Viton / (-40~150) 鈩?/p> K Kalrez / (-40~250) 鈩?/p> The Electronic Unit 2 (4~20) mA / 24V DC / Two wire system 3 (4~20) mA / 24V DC / HART two wire system 4 (4~20) mA / 220V AC / Four wire system 5 RS485 / Modbus Shell / ProtectionGrade L Aluminum / IP67 G Plastic / IP65 Cable Line M M 20x1.5 N 陆鈥?NPT Field Display/The Programmer A Belt X WithoutWholesale Radar Level Meter website:
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